Billionaire virgin boss and cycling falls thought – in the new network.

Billionaire virgin boss "and that the new cycling falls in August in Beijing." in 27, according to Central News Agency reports, the British billionaire Branson (Richard Branson) earlier this week in the British Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands) an accident while riding a bicycle, causing injuries and cheek partial ligament tear, he today said: "the thought will be killed". In "daredevil trick" famous Virgin Group (Virgin) boss Branson said that he and the children of Hawley (Holly) and shamrock (Sam) in the Virgin Islands (Virgin Gorda) when the bike on the road, encountered turbulence and accidents. By accident, the British billionaire Branson, virgin boss had to stay in bed rest. "I really thought I was going to die," he said, adding that he was wearing a helmet that could save his life. The bicycle fell off the cliff in an accident. At present, he suffered multiple injuries. The 66 year old Branson said, he examined the Miami hospital, next month may still participate in the "virgin to challenge" (Virgin Strive Challenge) free car, hiking and running the project, before he was trained for it.相关的主题文章: