Dota2 new hero evil main debut original hero — game after transplantation-9c8921

DOTA2 new hero evil main debut   original hero after transplantation — game original title: DOTA2 new hero hero original sin Lord debut at 24, after transplantation, the V agency released the dark portal update, add a new hero evil lord. New hero: Vello Gross. The LORD called into the abyss of sin wave flame, burning offerings in the malicious control helpless enemy. The battle is killing feast, will the enemy die strength, their offensive in front of you, not worth mentioning. Tear out a fissure in reality, their friendly and full screen transfer, dare to despise evil Lord will, Vello Gross will offer a bloody retribution. So far all of the original hero DOTA has been ported to the DOTA2 game world, waiting for players to open a new journey. At the same time after summing up after the update also increased after the summary, many different aspects of the performance from the team and the game player can view a very detailed report on the entire process of the game, will be a key turning point intuitively. All previous competitions, including the summary of the tournament, will be archived for viewing. It also includes an overview, panels, charts and teammate data, such as page tags, to facilitate the players more systematic summary of the game. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: