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Photo 97 generation 20 years after the reunion the strongest country foot after retirement is still active football 97 generation member Fan Zhiyi a appeared on the Internet, fans and friends brought back memories — and Fan Zhiyi, and then wusheng peak 97 national team reunited in Shanghai, this time, because they were once a year the old A gathered again. 97 generation foot, is not the strongest in the history of football in China? This proposition also began to cause controversy on the Internet, in fact, this year, the national team, Asian quasi class. The first round of the world cup at the time of the Asian region, race team China 5 wins and 1 16 points easily to the identity of the first group reached 10 finals, then hit west wolf containment in the top 10: Iran, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi arabia. Although their league beat Kuwait, but the home court victory over Saudi Arabia, known as the history of the strongest national football final left Dalian Jinzhou does not believe in tears "story. Then, the network media far less developed, but the national team, each player if you mention the name to remember their characteristics: Hao Haidong peak velocity; Li Bing and Su Maozhen header; Peng Weiguo Cao Xiandong’s feet; gold left; Li Jinyu Ma Mingyu – Li Tie; spirituality; run die…… And at that time, they are in the golden age of career, this team is only Xie Feng was over 30, and like Fan Zhiyi, Qu Chuliang, Xu Hong, peak, Li Bing, Hao Haidong, Peng Weiguo…… These "old" players are between the ages of 26 and 29. It is such a team, in 97 years, each team in Asia feel that the Chinese team is difficult to overcome…… 20 years later, most of them still work hard in Chinese football, but there are also people completely away from. Fan Zhiyi now Shenhua reserve team as head coach in 1996 Asian Cup, had accused Fan Zhiyi, and later quit the national team Liu Yue now in Shanghai as a television football commentator, Mao Yijun is the leader and the Shenhua, Shenhua captain Liu Jun will focus on youth, as has always been low-key Wu Chengying, also recently founded a football school focused on youth Cao Xiandong, Peng Weiguo and the same focus on youth. Just as a coach after Li Minggang led Yaqingsai, Xie Feng Zaccheroni after class become national security in fifth ranked super Li Bing, led the Guizhou Zhicheng Chongchao success, Qu Chuliang has just left the national team coach, Su Maozhen in the middle of this year from Qingdao to school, Xie Hui served as a teaching assistant in Hong Kong, Ma Mingyu has just become the second team Sichuan Anna the general manager of Poole, and Yao Xia is the general manager of Chongqing Lifan. Wei Qun start the 8 league system, build a platform for amateur players, is also a business Jihai Sun recently frequent shelling Gao Hongbo and become red net, spent studying in Europe Zhang Enhua now focus on youth, occasionally as a commentator on television, a peak in the amateur football match field is still in play, as for the first ever striker Hao Haidong, now is the City League general manager. At that time, as a fresh blood supplement "Four Little Swan", Li Tie from the well-being of China after the class, has now joined the national team coach of the group of Li Tie.相关的主题文章: