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The international forum of people’s Daily: an excellent opportunity to promote international consensus – View – China as presidency, as is the guarantee of the G20 summit in Hangzhou the key to the success of China is set to the G20 summit in Hangzhou the four most important issues: "innovation growth mode" and "more efficient global economic and financial governance" and "strong international trade and" investment "inclusive and linkage development". These are in fact designed to address the most significant challenges facing G20 members. In today’s global economic situation, stimulating growth will undoubtedly become the top priority of national policies, and by enhancing investment and international trade to boost growth will be a priority. At the same time, strengthening the role of key international financial institutions is also crucial. Two years ago at the G20 summit in Brisbane, delegates agreed to increase the G20’s total GDP by more than 2% by 2018, but the global economy has been stagnant since then. The economic performance is not satisfactory, so the Fed repeatedly delayed the promise of long tightening policy; Europe has fallen to a low growth state, the British "from Europe" adds another layer of uncertainty and risk; the Japanese economy as sluggish, causing the government ready to take massive stimulus to a new round of commodity prices; the lower Brazil and Russia into recession, the major emerging market countries only Chinese and India still maintain good growth record. Recently, the International Monetary Fund once again lowered this year and next year, global economic growth is expected. The global economy is expected to grow by only 3.1% this year, the lowest level since 2009. At the same time, the existence of a number of major risks may also further reduce growth. In addition to the British "from Europe", the euro zone may also be due to a new round of banking crisis recovery continues to weaken. Emerging markets are also facing the risk of a surge in non-performing loans in the banking sector. To deal with these risks and challenges, the need for G20 to come up with a more resolute, more coordinated policy plan. Structural reforms at the Brisbane summit are critical to long-term economic recovery. But even if it can be fully implemented, it is still difficult to effectively solve the short-term economic problems. At present, the global economy is facing the problem of insufficient demand, so the key is not to increase the supply of solutions. At present, the effect of monetary policy to stimulate demand has reached the limit, fiscal policy will become the main tool for G20 members. Although the debt and deficit problems are still very high in many countries, if the economic performance continues to be so weak, it may lead to further deterioration of the financial situation. There are also arguments against expansionary fiscal policy, which may lead to adverse market reactions, worsening credit ratings and pushing up the cost of government borrowing. If the international community can reach a broad consensus on fiscal policy, the risk of adverse market reactions could also be reduced to a minimum. G20 has played a vital role in this regard, as it did in the most dangerous of the 2009 international financial crisis. Experience tells us that by coordinating cooperation to stimulate economic growth, will enhance the effectiveness of each measure. All countries act together, no相关的主题文章: