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The United States Mission: if not beset with troubles internally and externally to play the second half finance reporter Wen Ting, edited by Quan Zeyuan in October 2015, and beauty group merged with the public comment founder Zhang Tao has retired, "serial entrepreneur" Wang began to control the situation. "The O2O industry entered the second half of his comment on the current trend of the times, become the most commonly used. However, Ali continued to burn more than the old shareholders discount stock transfer network, food safety management, the problem of frequent courier event causes the enterprise culture to be questioned, also become the focus of the industry. With the completion of the G round of financing, capital for the company behind expectations are increasingly anxious, "new" can play a good fight to win or die? "Baidu Nuomi takeaway and a situation of tripartite confrontation will be packaged for sale to the United States" this rumor in the last two months has spread in the network, and Baidu Nuomi quickly and high-profile denied different, whether America group or Wang Xing are silent. Perhaps the United States behind the merger is willing to see the results of the capital. Prior to the merger with the public comment, the U.S. group has experienced a 5 round of financing, including Sequoia Capital, Alibaba, pan the Atlantic capital. The merger in October 2015 so far, large investment in new, two have been disclosed in January 2016, the new high after the completion of the merger of the first financing, financing over $3 billion 300 million financing, the new company is valued at more than $18 billion. The financing by the Tencent, DST, loved the letter capital lead investor, in Kaiyuan, today the capital, Baillie Gifford, Temasek, Canadian pension fund investment companies such as cast. After July, Huarun announced the acquisition of new large and entrepreneurial strategic investment fund, the amount of financing for the core and did not disclose the overall valuation. But this time, as the group of early investors but not with ALI non vote, is the U.S. group as "sacrifice". Cai Chongxin, executive vice chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group has made it clear in the earnings conference call, Alibaba withdrawal from the u.s.. The company in the field of O2O will only hide "reputation". At the same time, but in the new entrance to the new investors to sell their stock price. The industry pointed out that, because Ali has a high reputation in the United States, the sale of new large discount shares, has become a signal, causing investors to be vigilant. A U.S. equity sale Book bluntly: "the old Alibaba shares valuation price of $12 billion 450 million, this round of financing for the $15 billion valuation of 17% off over the same period, the margin of safety is higher than the market the same type of products." Subsequently, the Department of Ali to $1 billion 250 million investment hungry it, among its largest shareholder, word of mouth takeaway channels and hungry across the board to get through, Cai Chongxin hungry board. Today, BAT in the field of O2O each hold a son. Early capital support laid a large Xinmei today, and integrated into the restaurant, to the store to comprehensive business platform, takeout distribution, hotels and tourism and the five major business groups, the Tencent will also completely into the camp. From the current situation, it seems, glutinous rice + takeaway in Baidu, reputation in terms of whether Ali相关的主题文章: