There are contradictions between new Tieshuai dissatisfied with the team said the team need more Uni running man 20130908

There is a contradiction? The new army Tieshuai team said the team needs more dissatisfied with the unity of Thibodeau cannot manage the team? Familiar with the former Bulls coach Thibodeau fans must know that he coached the team’s biggest feature is highly combat, very tough. In coaching, he used to play the first player for a long time, which can make the players become more understanding, but also will allow the player to increase fatigue is not necessary, resulting in injury, once the most typical example is the 2011-2012 season playoffs, the Bulls against 76 people first round of the contest, the last moment the bull is certain to win, but Thibodeau still choose to let Ross stay on the court, finally a breakthrough in the process, Ross had a knee injury, the injury, also completely destroyed Ross’s occupation career, then the "Windy City Rose" has never recovered to the level of MVP. Thibodeau is such a distinctive coach. After a year, the rest of the summer, he was hired as head coach of Minnesota, and served as the team’s president of basketball operations, the team hopes to have the jagged coach can lead the young wolves to the top. However, two games in the new season, the Timberwolves have lost, the style of Thibodeau’s performance is not very satisfied with the performance of the players, he asked the players to be more toughness on the field. According to media reports, in the 103 to 106 loss to the kings, Thibodeau warned his players to get tougher, "any you have to be more toughness, either mentally, physically or emotionally. Each team has 2-3 top scorer, they every night to put pressure on you, and you have to do is to actively respond, this is not a matter of one or two people, this is the team need to take responsibility, we should be more united, more disciplined." Lost to the king of the game, the Timberwolves third was hit by an opponent of a ratio of 31 to 17, including a wave of a wave of 17 to 0, for the team’s performance in the third quarter, Thibodeau was very disappointed. Section third of the team’s performance is a problem, is a big problem, we’ll look back third video game, and see what happens, but in any case, we have to play some tough." The wolves next opponent is the Memphis Grizzlies in the home court they have the opportunity to usher in the new season, Thibodeau is also the first victory Minnesota career. (Li Hui) more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP相关的主题文章: