Xuzhou, a worker fell into the work of the machine fire rescue rainism

Xuzhou workers fall into the fire rescue machine on November 4th at 10:27 in the morning, Luoshan road Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, a company that has a fishing machine operation in iron workers, accidentally fall into to the machine, the workers found time to call 119 for help. Zone two fire brigade Secret Squadron received the alarm, immediately dispatched 1 vehicles rushed to the scene to rescue 7 people. Through the investigation, the trapped staff from a 80 cm long, about a width of 1 meters into the machine inside the mouth, seriously injured. The machine for iron mill. Rescue space is very narrow, in order to rescue the trapped people, the need to dismantle the machine baffle, fire officers and men bent down into the narrow space, with metal cutting machine, began to cut the baffle. After half an hour of effort, the fire brigade successfully dismantled the barrier, the trapped personnel pulled out, and put it on a stretcher, quickly sent 120 ambulances. After the identification of medical staff, the staff had no vital signs. According to witnesses, the workers trapped, is a native of Xuzhou, before the accident the staff put the door open, is fishing with a spade iron, accidentally fell into the interior of the machine. Workers fall into the machine, the witness immediately stepped on the clutch, so that the machine stopped rotating, and quickly cut off the power line, and then to other workers for help, call 119 for help. At present, the specific cause of the accident is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: